As Interior & Event Designers, one the most important aspects of staying ahead of developing trends is to stay current with what’s going on in both worlds, and also the world of fashion. Most people know, or at least won’t find it hard to believe that the leap from interior design trends to event trends […]

Six 2020 Interior Design Trends to Explore in Events

Jul 8, 2019

Not every bedroom gets an arched window, and twelve foot ceilings, but in this case these architectural features may have seemed to obliterate the reality of a temporary move-in. Upon the first design consultation, the client…

6 Steps to furnishing your bedroom

May 14, 2019

Meet Diana Zapata, studio owner and lead photographer at BlueSpark Photography. Her approach to wedding photography more than what you could call trendy is one of romanticism, of high emotional value, of real moments of love and all those moments that make us human’s hearts skip a beat…

NYC Wedding Photography: We are Loving BlueSpark’s Emotive style

Apr 15, 2019

Chic, modern, & timeless are just a few words to describe this New York City styled shoot. We envisioned an intimate soirée in the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn with stunning details of handmade paper cut art and a monochromatic palette, inspired by intricate floral patterns. Erin & Eric tied the knot at Dobbin St. a, stunning transformed Brooklyn factory exuding a unique minimalist luxury feel. Eric played Erin’s favorite instrument during their afternoon stroll at the riverfront overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. This styled shoot was an opportunity to merge the classics with the modern to provide fresh…

A Modern Wedding Inspiration in NYC: Midsummer White’s Dream

Apr 10, 2019

The Wythe Hotel Vibe: rustic, industrial, intimate Wythe Hotel, the original boutique hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the first to capture the neighborhood’s elusive hip factor on Kent Avenue. A former 120-year-old  factory, the building offers event spaces with a moody ambience, all catered for the couple seeking for a venue with historic character and […]

Top Hotel Venues in North Brooklyn

May 27, 2019

Designers have a common purpose, and it is to curate a narrative through a multi-sensory approach that feels authentic and true to our couples.  Often times, the seed of inspiration stems from a life experience our couples encounter together, which is fused with their personalities and unique traits. As a creative house, our role is to orchestrate all five senses to provide a single message about our couples. But how do we do so? Does it mean creating something that looks, sounds, smells…

Steps to create an authentic wedding experience

Apr 2, 2019

“Oh, I didn’t even know Wedding Planners and Wedding Designers were different.” My sister said, during a casual conversation three months after her wedding date. The truth is that Wedding Planners, Designers, and Coordinators provide distinct & invaluable services that could help you in many different ways. Some studios like Endlessly Lush, provide a hybrid approach that integrate efficient systems to produce an all-encompassing experience under one roof, while others focus on a single aspect of the event planning process. This blog post will help you understand the role of each professional, and how hiring a professional with expertise in both, design and…

Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Designer vs. Wedding Coordinator: What’s the real difference?

Feb 27, 2019

“Oh, you’re a decorator”. I’ve heard it over and over again. And the truth is that I am not, but my career does entail similar responsibilities of a decorator, and much more.  I’m not looking at paint chips and holiday decorations from Hobby Lobby all day.  I spend time analyzing behavioral patterns, test fitting floor plans, drawing elevations, and brainstorming…

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator: The Real Talk

Feb 20, 2019