It’s comforting to play it safe with neutral toned kitchens, but sometimes we may itch to make a bolder design statement with a pop of color somewhere in our homes; and the kitchen often remains out of the question. Nevertheless, the kitchen can provide the ‘wow’ factor and bold statement we may be looking for. The classic all-white countertops and wood-toned cabinetry will always have staying power, but a pop of color can brighten up the most used space in our homes. Not only can color make the space feel more livable and welcoming, but a renovated kitchen with a touch of boldness can add more to value to the selling price of your home in the future.

Soft Green Cabinetry And Backsplash With A Touch Of Warmth

This blue green kitchen by Pufik Homes embodies a sense of renewal and growth, so it’s only fitting that it would be a safe choice for a calming and soothing effect. Color matching cabinets and backsplash creates a cohesive look without making the blue-green color overly empowering in the space. These personality-filled floor tiles deliver endless style, subtle color as they tie in the kitchen design tastefully.

Refreshing Green Walls On A Midcentury Modern Backdrop 

Source: Julie Sergent

Without a doubt, the hunter green in this lovingly remodeled mid-century modern kitchen by Julie Sergent serves as the secondary focal point in the space. In addition, the green wall separates the kitchen space visually and brings freshness of the outdoors inside.

Enticing Neutral Kitchen With A Touch of Blue

Source: Olesya Fedorenko

This kitchen design via Olesya Fedorenko shows any all-neutral kitchen can really shine with a touch of blue. The gradient backsplash and blue cabinet bring life and playfulness to any simple space, which is further enhanced with the warmth of the wood floors.

Neutral Kitchen With Colorful Seating 

Source: YamaMar Design

This minimalist kitchen by YamaMar Design places bold furniture and seating upholstery at the forefront. The chartreuse barstools and patterned banquette upholstery energizes the space, while it is a cost-effective way to add a pop of color in the space.

Retro Kitchen With The Perfect Mix Of Soft Pastels And Bright Hues

Source: Dane Austin Design

Two retro-inspired pendants and a fun-colored rug are the stars in this pale pink, open-plan kitchen designed by Dane Austin Design. The fun collection of houseplants and ceramics in the backdrop make the perfect kitchen to host in a welcoming yet relaxed environment.

Wallpapered Kitchen Accent Wall

Source: Ellie Cashman Design

When it comes to a kitchen design, floral wallpaper might not be the first thing that comes to mind. This kitchen via Ellie Cashman Design features statement wallpaper and inspires to go bold in an all-white kitchen.

Kitchen Ceiling Wallpaper Revealed

Source: BHG

The color application in this kitchen via BHG is just ideal for small spaces. A wallpapered ceiling introduces color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. Applying color only in the ceiling draws eyes upward to make the small kitchen look larger, and injects boldness without appearing overwhelming. 

Pop of Color In The Kitchen With Appliances

Source: Look Linger Love

We may discover that small bursts of color can make a kitchen pop, and there’s no more predominant accent than a range or a refrigerator. All needed in this kitchen via Look Linger Love is a clean and neutral backdrop that lets the refrigerator be the star of the show.

In Conclusion

Whether you are building a new house or renovating to make your dream kitchen a reality, you can certainly implement a pop of color to make the space stand out from the rest. It’s true what they say: The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you and your family spend most of the time; where we make memories happen, do homework, have our daily meals, and host our guests. It should be a space that feels inviting and relaxing and also a space that delivers styles and personality. Regardless of the preferred design style chosen for the new kitchen, color can be implemented creatively in many ways. For more color applications throughout the home, visit Endlessly Lush’ site here.

Feb 6, 2021

8 Ideas To Add A Pop of Color To Your Kitchen in 2021


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