Nowadays, spontaneous family bonding occurs in our own homes, at all hours of the day. On that note, the design of our living spaces can have a real effect on how the family interacts. This is the reason it is fundamental to mold and reinforce our interiors to make interaction and bonding comfortable and pleasing. Check out a few ways you can adapt your home during and post COVID-19. Whether refreshing a dining room, living room or an outdoor space, you will find at least one way to enhance your daily routine at home. 


1. Invest in a multi-purpose dining table

Image via James Perse

Formal dining rooms have become less popular in recent decades, and younger generations are opting for dining rooms with extended functions. In addition to serving it’s main function – dining, the main table can also function as an entertainment piece to encourage family to move around the room and use it in various ways. Check out the James Perse limited edition pool table, a teak table top that converts a dining room into a game room with ease. 

2. Have comfortable seating

Image via Restoration Hardware

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like an oversized and soft sectional sofa. Above all, your home is where you relax, so you deserve seating furniture you want to sink into while you let your stresses float away. Most importantly, the living room is where you spend so much time marathoning your favorite shows and chilling with the fam for long hours. If interested in investing in a piece, I encourage you to look into Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Sofa, a legendary piece that speaks for itself. 

3. Mix & match fabrics and textures

Image via Square Feathers

Soft and plush fabrics will create a warm and inviting environment for your family. Look for throw pillows that are nubby or woven and mix in with more plush textures like velvets. Throw pillows can change the ‘look and feel’ of a space with little investment. Square Feathers will be your pillow guru as they offer a wide array of patterns and textures arranged by color. 

4. Make it low

Image via Made Goods

Low furniture often tends to make the space more welcoming and approachable. A low round coffee table and cushy area rug area is perfect for watching TV or a casual . Check out Made Goods, Emerson Coffee Table, a modern oval table featuring all-over texture in shaegreen, one that will leave a lasting impression.

5. Flexible storage

Image via ShoModern

Having the entire household at home at all hours means a plethora of activities taking place in the same room simultaneously. To keep things organized, consider a showcase piece that is not only an art statement, but one that can store all props and supplies required for each activity. This Hammered armoire from ShoModern is the true epitome of functionality and contemporary beauty, complete an almost ethereal glow. 


Don’t think you have the extra space for a home office? Odds are that you do. A little creativity and perhaps some elbow grease is all it takes to carve out a space for an improvised ‘home office’. Follow these essential tips that can make your ‘WFH’ experience much more pleasant during the COVID-19 crisis. 

1.Designate a specific work area

Image via Artemest

Not everyone has the extra room to designate a specific work area in their homes, specifically in small apartments in New York City. However, you can maximize the usage of your space with, Elysée, a beautiful divider from Artemest. Even if work and dining takes place in the same room, sectioning part of the room will increase productivity and efficiency for its dedicated functions.

2. Prioritize seating

Image via Herman Miller

Reinventing your home office begins with investing in key items that will support your body comfortably for the duration of a full work day. It all starts with a comfortable and durable task chair. Showcasing the geometry of its inspiration—the Golden Gate Bridge—, the Sayl Chair is everything a great office chair should be. It is comfortable, visually striking, and an exceptional value.

3. Bring in warm lighting 

Image via Tudo & Co.

If you do not have access to daylight, look for ways to diffuse ambient light. Suspension lights soften and add accent lighting without appearing overpowering. Add a touch of playfulness with Tudo and Co., hanging plant vase pendant light above your desk or in a corner in the room.

4. Set Creativity with the classic ‘white board’

Image via Lintex

Dedicate a small wall surface to create to-do lists, arrange daily activities, and brainstorm on new ideas. This new yet, primitive tool will allow you to perform spontaneous brainstorming and visual demonstrations at the tip of your fingers. For a sophisticated version of the white board, check out Lintex low iron glass and solid oak frame board. Sleek at it’s finest!

5. Get the multifunctional desk

Image via Modlar

Most of us can spot a small corner for a dedicated work area, but rarely have access to an entire room for a dedicated home office. If you can relate, I highly recommend investing in the desk from the Sutton Hotel Furniture Collection, a multi-functional desk that provides integrated storage and seating to provide seamless functionality. 


As we have been restricted to the ‘stay in home’ order, there is a growing desire for our homes to be a break from the intensity, a calming space or even a sanctuary. By providing nature inspired home décor, we expect to see families connecting and interacting more at ease while being restricted to going outside for a breath of fresh air. In line with this, we can focus on a few ways we can bring in natural elements to our homes.

1.Bring in the whimsical 

Image via Afloral

There are dozens of ways to captivate and surprise with nature inspired décor while taking on a fresh spin on it. Bring in dry botanicals such as dry pampas and bunny tail from Afloral for a whimsical and ethereal vibe.

2. Add natural materials

Image by Homenature

Juxtaposed wood grains bring a visual warmth to contemporary furniture, while organic shapes, including tree trunks, bring nature in its original form into the home. Interrupt clean lines with the irregular silhouettes of Homenature’s large teak root round coffee table. This adds a subtle kink to modern interiors. 

3. Embrace bold prints

Image via Forest Homes

Look into simple solutions to bring the tropics into your home to create your personal oasis. We are thinking light, bright, and sumptuous without a flamingo or pinnacle in sight! – A classy and yet soothing re-interpretation of the tropics. Gorgeous tropical patterns can be found mainly in wall coverings and throw pillows; and Forest Homes is the epitome of nature appreciation as they promote natural décor for it’s amazing properties, while remaining socially responsible for not depleting natural resources. 


The household kitchen was designed for preparing and cooking meals. However, over the past few weeks, the kitchen has slowly morphed into the epicenter of the home. In fact, the kitchen has been wearing many hats – it’s the heart of the family huddle, the place for face time calls with friends, the computer room for paying the bills, the daytime classroom, and lets not forget it’s original purpose – to enjoy good food with our loved ones. Open up your imagination to a few ways you can enhance your kitchen for the days to come.

1. Get a movable island 

Image via Burke Décor

A kitchen island is a functional anchor to any kitchen. It offers extra space for storage, prepping meals, and hosting casual meals. If you have space for a kitchen island consider for its added benefits. It is perfect for kids to do their homework while parents cook; ideal for hosting in the future once we can mingle again; and a great as a storage solution. For a movable island solution,  look into the Ian Kitchen Island, a black acacia wood and white Italian marble mix from Burke Décor,

2. Hang Pendants over the island

Image via The Urban Electric & Co.

Nothing sets the tone like lighting does. Lighting over the kitchen island serves two main functions – to create enough task lighting for people to prepare meals, and to craft a warm and welcoming environment for enjoy without too much fuss and formality. For a wide variety of kitchen pendants, check out The Urban Electric & Co., for design that exemplifies Modern American craft. 

3. Add barstools around the island

Image via Horchow

If extra seating is the goal when its comes to adding an island to your kitchen, then it is important to know how to select the right stool. You have unlimited options- back, no back; four legs or pedestal base, chrome or brass finish, counter or bar height. In the end, options are unlimited, but all details need to be honed down prior to beginning the search. Once ready, check out Horchow’s extensive library of barstool and counter stool options. 


Image via Primer

Virtual Reality and augmented reality allows viewers to get a better sense of how a space will look and feel in a 3D mode of representation that is like the every day experience. Take the app, Primer, which will do its official launch soon. Users will be able to use their phone’s camera to visually install real-life surface materials such as wallpaper, tile, and flooring, allowing them to visualize what each product will look like under the room’s existing conditions. 

With this app, all the guesswork will out of question, and envisioning your dream home will be easier than ever. 


This pandemic is revealing that the globalized supply chain is shockingly fragile. Even the supply chain in design industries like Interior Design, has been tremendously affected leaving our clients empty-handed for months. Local manufacturing could make it simpler to produce what we use here in the US, reducing that vulnerability. Below are three ways we can help build a local supply chain in the design world. 

1.Support local furniture makers

Image via Sentient

Do something different during the quarantine, and start supporting New York City’s furniture makers that offer one-of-a-kind handcrafted goods. I can assure you will feel good about making an impact in our local economy, and be proud of acquiring a piece from a maker you have a connection with – New York City.  For instance, a Brooklyn native company, Sentient, produces everything from standard fare to exotic furniture. 

2.  Source locally made textiles

Image via Eskayel

New Yorkers are lucky to have a plethora of handcrafted goods designed and made in our beloved neighboring borough, Brooklyn. Brooklyn is thriving with design studios and production shops known for producing unique goods with a thoughtful design approach. Textile boutique studio, Eskayel, is a New York-based design studio that weaves fine art with exacting craftsmanship. Visit Eskayel’s beautiful collections here. 

3.  Source locally made interior finishes

Image via Mercury Mosaics

Sourcing interior finishes made in the US means these products are safer and held to higher quality standards than many foreign-made products. Additionally, it means lower labor, natural gas, and electricity costs than some other developed countries in Europe, where the design industry takes a big role. For instance, artisan tile company, Mercury Mosaics, creates handmade ceramic tile in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while remaining environmentally responsible. 

Need expert advice to put all these tips into action? Schedule a complimentary call here to talk more about your goals and wants and how we can help you through our design process.

Stay safe, everyone!

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