During the past two weeks, we have all been keeping up with the facts through news media- Politico, CNN, NY Times, The Atlantic, to name a few. Most importantly, I have been observing people’s behavior through social media noticing a plethora of memes, and other behavior that sparks intrigue about the future that lies ahead. These […]

Part 1: How COVID-19 May Impact Home Design & Family Dynamics

Mar 27, 2020

One of our core beliefs is that our homes are a reflection of ourselves and our state of mind. Of course, our homes should look amazing, but most importantly, they must feel like the perfect fit for our day to day activities. The truth is that it’s easier said than done. In the end, a […]

Why Work with a Full-Service Interior Designer

Feb 17, 2020

As we’re nearing the end of the year, holiday festivities and dinner soirées are upon us. There are infinite choices and combinations of style and approaches when it comes to giving table settings personality, but a few basic design elements can help construct a stunning design for your holiday tablescape. Mixed Materials Establish the ideal […]

Top 5 Design Elements for Your Holiday Tablescape

holiday tablescaping

Nov 3, 2019

As Interior & Event Designers, one the most important aspects of staying ahead of developing trends is to stay current with what’s going on in both worlds, and also the world of fashion. Most people know, or at least won’t find it hard to believe that the leap from interior design trends to event trends […]

Six 2020 Interior Design Trends to Explore in Events

Jul 8, 2019

Not every bedroom gets an arched window, and twelve foot ceilings, but in this case these architectural features may have seemed to obliterate the reality of a temporary move-in. Upon the first design consultation, the client…

6 Steps to furnishing your bedroom

sculpture in a modern luxury home in New York City

May 14, 2019

“Oh, you’re a decorator”. I’ve heard it over and over again. And the truth is that I am not, but my career does entail similar responsibilities of a decorator, and much more.  I’m not looking at paint chips and holiday decorations from Hobby Lobby all day.  I spend time analyzing behavioral patterns, test fitting floor plans, drawing elevations, and brainstorming…

Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator: The Real Talk

Feb 20, 2019