Whether you’ve decided on a weekend trip under the tropical sun, a night out on the town, or a cozy night in, a little thank you to the girls joining in your celebration can definitely go a long way. Consider these thoughtful and unique bridesmaid gift ideas with a Latino twist, and properly thank them […]

10 Latino Inspired Gifts for your Bridal Party

Jan 30, 2020

“Oh, I didn’t even know Wedding Planners and Wedding Designers were different.” My sister said, during a casual conversation three months after her wedding date. The truth is that Wedding Planners, Designers, and Coordinators provide distinct & invaluable services that could help you in many different ways. Some studios like Endlessly Lush, provide a hybrid approach that integrate efficient systems to produce an all-encompassing experience under one roof, while others focus on a single aspect of the event planning process. This blog post will help you understand the role of each professional, and how hiring a professional with expertise in both, design and…

Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Designer vs. Wedding Coordinator: What’s the real difference?

Feb 27, 2019